Seoul is obviously a must stopover, for if you want to visit Southern Korean, flights to Seoul are those you will be looking for, but the capital should be the gateway for other more fascinating aspects of the country.

If what you are looking for is a warmer climate with beaches and plenty of seaside and cultural activities, then you should not miss out on Jeju-do Island. This is a po[censored] r resort amongst the South Korean holiday destinations that offers not only a perfect beach holiday, but also several interesting museums and cultural sites. A few of the more outstanding include the Independence Museum, the Folklore and History Museum and the Museum of African Art, which has a collection of the best African Art in Asia.

The island's major attraction is definitely the Mount Halla Volcano, which can be explored either with organized tours or by following the paths that meander throughout the mountain side. On the northern side of the island you will find some breathtaking natural wonders, such as the Manjanggul lava-tube cave, the Gimnyeong Maze and the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall. Iho beach is also quite spectacular with its dark grey volcanic and yellow sand that forms peculiar patterns with the tidal waters. You can also choose one of the several tours around the island or enjoy the hot spring resorts and stretches of sandy beaches. If you are feeling more active you can opt for scuba diving or a hike on the many trails to explore the island's lush vegetation and wildlife.

Although Incheon is where Flights to seoul arrive from other international airports, it still remains a charming town at just an hour's drive from Seoul. This important Korean port town is set on an irregular coastline with the backdrop of the mountains, rendering it a picturesque escapade from the city. Incheon is also known for its rice fields and hot springs, therefore most of the larger hotels offer facilities with swimming pools and spa waters that promise wonder cures for your health. The town is the home of traditional wood-fired kilns, which produce beautiful ceramics that can be bought in the local shops or directly at the ceramic studios.

The Hwaseong Fortress is well worth a visit, located south from Seoul in the town of Suwon not far from Seoul central. This UNESCO World Heritage site was built in 1796 as a protection against Japanese invasions and its walls stretch for nearly 6 km through the streets and modern buildings of Suwon. From the top of the fortress walls you can admire at the spectacular color and intricacy of the stone walls that blend in naturally with the more recent town structures. There are more than forty watchtowers built at regular intervals along the fortress walls, some of which are quite imposing.

If you need some respite from the cultural tours and are ready for some fun, then head for Everland, an immense amusement park that rivals Disney Land for its variety of recreational activities and entertaining games. Everland is the perfect site for families and fun loving travelers, for there is no end to the neck-breaking rides or calmer activities for the less reckless. There is even a safari area and golf course as well as a water park named the Caribbean Bay. The activities do not stop here; you can even go sledging at the winter park or to the racing track, admire the flower displays in the gardens or stroll through the park to watch the trapeze artists at work. There is no end to the enjoyment at Everland.

There are of course so many other tourist options in Southern Korea, so take advantage of the cheap flight to seoul and try out some of the above suggestions if you are only in the country for a short stay.

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